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My background is in Plant Science. I love to grow! Through my years, the health of soil has really become important for me, because I see how it affects both crops in the ground and in containers. That led me to developing a planting mix for my nursery. Because I wanted to know what went in my family's bodies, I started growing my own food. After 20+ years onsite, I was selling soil, plants, produce and meat - all through different forums. This new online store provides a platform for me to share what I do in an easy to navigate format. Want produce? I can help. Want to grow your own? I'd love to help! Flowers grown with bee-friendly organics, pasture raised poultry and pork. Belly Rub Farms is a bit of a one stop shop for your homestead.

Just 5 acres in the Loomis Basin

Belly Rub Farms sits against the eastern ridge of the Loomis Basin. With a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the property is both in the country and still close to town. I am often struck with how lucky I am to live in such an amazing community.

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